For over twenty years, Mustre´s  Dental ClinicTeam has been devoted to providing patients with the most enjoyable dental experience. This dental experience derives from cosmetic and restorative dentistry coupled with our dental team's empathetic, dedicated, and patient-centric approach. Meet some of our staff members that would be delighted to serve you.

Dr. Jorge Mustre is a 1986 graduate of UASLP, San Luis Potosi. His wife, Dra. Rocio Mendoza
is a general dentist, also graduated from UASLP in 1988

Fully Bilingual Front Desk

Dr. Alex Ponce is a 2001 graduate of UASLP with a specialty in Endodontics. His wife, Dr. Martha Morales, is also an endodontist. They live in Monterrey and have a son, Diego, who is almost five years old

Dr. Israel Ramos Sanchez is a graduate of UASLP in 2006 
Dr. Torres' wife, Dra. Sonia Borjas, an orthodontist, also graduated from UANL-Monterrey in 1999. 

Dr. Torres and his wife, Dra. Borjas are another husband and wife team who work at the clinic.

Dr. Andres Torres, is a general dentist from UANL- Monterrey in 1997. He has worked in the Progreso office since 2001.  

The staff includes these eight lovely women, most of whom speak English fluently.

Dr. Rocio Mendoza with our Bilingual Front Desk Staff
 Dental Assitants